Staring Contest With My Monitor

Today is just like any other days. Open the new post menu on my browser. Trying to type some words, but i don’t know what to say. Maybe it’s because it’s been too long since i stopped writing my blog. And i don’t know why i write this in English because my English is not so good. I think I should get a class in English Course again to refresh my memory so I can write or speak in English fluently. I remember when I was taking an English course in MPH, my writing exams had the poorest grade among all of the tests. I never good at writing English. But I think my passive language has got some improvement because i can watch a movie without subtitle. Except for this one British tv series I’ve watched few weeks ago, Sherlock. Like its title, the serial is based on the novel “Sherlock Holmes” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. But instead of past time, the series are using present days as time setting. So imagine Sherlock Holmes with gadget, using smartphone to search all informations he needed, sending text messages to Irene Adler, hahaha… And John Watson writing on a blog instead of journal like the original novel. I enjoyed watching it so much but I got to push the pause button several times to understand what sherlock said because he explained his theory very fast with his British accent, so I couldn’t understand what he said without subtitle ahahaha…

I don’t know why, maybe because of my lack of writing and speaking practice. Last month my friends and I went to Gili Trawangan where most of the tourists are foreign people. We ended up staying in a same hotel with a couple from Canada. The next morning, we sat together on a “berugak” and had a long conversation with them. The situation was, I understood what they say, and I knew what I wanted to say, but I just couldn’t find the right words or the right grammar to express it, hahahaha… It was an awkward situation when they asked me where they could find any drugstore, and i forgot that the English word for “obat” is medicine, and all I said was “Do you guys wanna buy some drugs?” toengggggg!!!!! They were like “Noooooo, not drugs, just medicine.” I was soooo ashamed *palmface*.  When I got home, suddenly I remembered all the English words for what I meant to say earlier. Because of that, I do really want to improve my English 🙂

Oh well, my boss has decided for us to wear new Ministry of Finance uniform starting this Monday. But mine’s still in process, so I didn’t wear it. We also have to wear office batik uniform at Tuesday. The annoying part, my blouse is weird. It has straight cut like a man’s shirt. So for me, it’s too big on the waist and too small on the hip, or in Italian “ra ndue bangkekan”. The tailor also put the buttons on the right side of the shirt, while a girl’s blouse normally has its buttons on the left side. I hate it. Why the tailor made it like that although I had him measured my little-too-big blouse for the sample? Aaaaaarggghhhh…

Anyhoo… This month is the first time I try to use cloth menstrual pads instead of disposable ones for my period hehehehe… Maybe I will make the review next time. So, this is my first attempt to write in English and I know my grammar is a mess hahaha… But my Canadian friends said that it doesn’t really matter as long as what I say is understandable, wakakakakaka *ngeles*

Biarlah hancur kali grammarnya ya, namanya juga percobaan. Yasudah, cheers 😛

PS: today’s staring contest with my monitor’s result = I win hahahahaha…


6 thoughts on “Staring Contest With My Monitor

  1. Your english much better than mine..
    And i know what you mean when you understand what the other said and you know what you want to said, but you couldn’t find any word that can describe your mind.
    I want to take english course too, but yeaah,, I think I’ll wait

  2. i think your english is very much better than mine but i always don’t have guts to take english course. so, here i am. learning by doing conversation with mas ndud as my partner and my teacher. see you in Bali in 2 months cha… hahaha

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